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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 7, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: hi, everybody this is fox news alert, moments ago the white house revealing from president obama will spend september 11th. there had been a lot of questions about this. here is robert gibbs moments ago. >> the president will attend a memorial service at the pentagon. i believe the vice president will go to new york and obviously the first lady and former first lady, laura bush are in pennsylvania. megyn: mr. obama will be heading to the pentagon for the second year in a row. it's an announcement that many have been waiting forgiven the raging debate over plans to build a months be steps away from ground zero, and of course the president's own controversial remarks about that matter essentially saying that they have the right to build there. so will the president take any political criticism for not coming to ground zero on this 9/11? sid today natured radio talk
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show host lou dobbs weighs in moments from now. we are also waiting to hear from theee ma'am -- imam behind ground zero. he is back in the u.s. after a 15-day trip to proceed proet -- promote tolerance. it was taxpayer funded by the state department. his wife says her husband plans to comment on the controversy over the lower manhattan location in the coming days. president obama is set to propose $200 billion in tax breaks for businesses tomorrow. the latest part of his new effort to prop up a struggling economy. stu varney tells us there is another part of the story you need to hear. stew varney -- sta*u varney is with me now. 200 billion to help the transportation industry, is this round two of the stimulus? >> reporter: essentially it is the latest new stimulus plan.
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>> which they denied last week they were doing. tphopbt less something comes out this week and it looks like stimulus. >> reporter: just don't call it stimulus. 50 billion for planes, trains and automobiles, largely seen as a give away to unions, unlikely to pass in congress. $2 billion in tax breaks. we don't know the details. accepts very suspicious of the details, again unlikely to pass in the congress. so, big new proposal about a stimulus plan not likely to pass in the congress before the election. the votes are probably not there. megyn: the 50 billion stimulus for transportation industry, that sounds like plain old stimulus, 200 billion in tax breaks for small businesses, i mean isn't that what republicans like, don't they like tax breaks for small businesses? how can they object to that. >> reporter: well, two reasons it is favorable to republicans and business and that's what republicans wanted. however when i say the devil is in the details, that's a truism but it's very present with this. supposing these $200 billion
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worth of tax breaks were directed towards certain industries, green industries, for example and not towards those nasty oil companies or the banks or somebody else. megyn: they are losing their tax breaks. they are going to pay for this by taxing the oil companies more. >> reporter: see what i mean if you direct it politically towards favored industries, republicans would object to that. >> because it's a political matter. >> reporter: it's a politicized way of handing out the money. nobody really likes that. secondly will the republicans go for a deal, allow $200 billion for tax breaks for business, but also raise taxes on the rich? as long as this stimulus plan is linked to raising taxes on the rich the republicans will probably not go for that deal. megyn: so if the political calculus is, i've been reading what you've been reading, thus far, it's just not going to happen, it's definitely not going to happen between the midterms. what's he doing. >> reporter: then you face the
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prospect, would a lame duck congress after the election ram through a stimulus package, even though the voters really don't like it? would nancy pelosi ram it through the house, would harry reid do it in the senate. megyn: they'll say we'll like it once we get to know it. >> reporter: well, look it is an open question. they still have the power, even in a lame duck congress. would they dare do it? megyn: maybe it's political lee naive. those who wanted more stimulus, they weren't talking about 250 billion, they were talking about another trillion. i mean this is -- even by those who have been pushing for more stimulus standards isn't even close to getting us out of the jam or even start it. >> reporter: you're considering economic grounds, this is really a political items. the president has been pushed into this, rushed into this because we've had terrible economic news over the last two weeks especially and his poll numbers, especially regarding the economy have just gone into
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a tailspin. he's forced to come out with a big new stimulus program, dare the republicans to say no on it and go to the country on that basis in the elections in november. it's entirely political. it's got nothing to do with whether or not it's a successful stimulus plan and creates jobs. megyn: pay no attention to that november 2nd midterm date on your calendar it has nothing to do with anything coming out of washington these days. >> reporter: all politics. megyn: as stu mentioned the president called for $50 billion in new stimulus spending that relating to the transportation industry and he made that announcement in wisconsin. that is the home of democratic senator russ feingold. senator feingold nowhere to be seen. instead of chose to attend a holiday parade in his home down. feingold says he hopes to appear with the county during his next trip to wisconsin. fox news alert now, we are aeu what theeing new information from the emergency management team trying to contain a fast
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moving wildfire in colorado. 3,000 people practically running from their homes as the fire rips through the hills in boulder. the flames have destroyed dozens of hopes. we are hearing terrifying stories of survival. one man says he had to drive through a wall of flames to get to safety. the fire coming so close the front bumper of his car melted off. alicia ac u.n. a covering it for us in boulder. what is happening now. >> reporter: it seems firefighters can't get a break. we heard from a fox photographer who is at a nearby airport with some of the air tankers and the spotter planes waiting to take off to get a closer look at what is going on. however they are all grounded is what we're being told and that is because the smoke is so thick and hovering over the planes that the spotter planes can't get in there. it would be like flying blind. instead of having the wind problem like they did yesterday, 45-mile an hour gusts, today they have a very still air problem, so they are waiting for
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an inversion, a heat inversion. what they need is for the ground to warm up and push that smoke up, up into the sky just a little bit to clear the area so that the spotter planes can at least see where the flames are and they can see their targets. meanwhile 3500 residents have been evacuated. they are not in their homes yet. officials tell us no one is going near their homes, it's just too dangerous right now. people still don't know whether or not they have property to go back to. and it comes down to who has what, it's all been very confusing. here is one resident. >> right now it's a roulette. we only know about houses that were lost, and as always, there may be some that survived in the past because the fire was very messy, it was a spot fires all over the hillside. >> reporter: four firefighters have already lost their homes in this blaze, and those firefighters, megyn have been
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relieved of duty right now. megyn: thank you so much. another fox news alert this one out of washington d.c. and it is a faction news exclusive. the secretary general of nato making news moments ago about plans by a fridge group in florida to burn copies of the koran. mike emanuel just got this report in for us, mike, tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: the nato secretary general just emerged from a white house meeting with president obama, no tv coverage but i asked him his thoughts on that plan to burn the koran on 9/11. he says he strongly condems that move. he's calling on the church to not burn the koran. i asked him if he's worried about it ultimately leading to the lives of nato troops in harm's way in afghanistan being killed, he says, yes, that is his concern. we've heard from general david petreaus he's obviously condemning the idea of burning the koran. we've seen proceed sess start to erupt in kabul, there is a very real concern now between the top commander general petreaus and
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now the nato secretary general that if the koran is burned on 9/11 it may have a ripple effect at a very critical time in the afghan war. other than that the secretary general was proud to announce that 2,000 trainers will be going to afghanistan from nato countries, obviously training afghan forces is critical if the u.s. wants to end their role in afghanistan. megyn. megyn: thank you so much. new developments today in the big debate over what the president should do to mark september 11th this year. is going to the pentagon for a second year in the row a right move. radio talk show host lou dobbs weighs in next. plus a teenager swept away by a raging river. we'll show you what happens when the rescue boat cannot reach him. and he sure can interview but can geraldo rivera float like abutter fly and sting like a bee? find out what happens when he gets in the ring with mohammed
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megyn: fox news alert we just got word in the last hour that president obama has made his decision and he will be heading to the pentagon this year on 9/11 for the second year in a row. it is an announcement that many have been waiting forgiven the raging debate over plans to build a mosque steps away from ground zero here in new york city and president obama's own remarks on that issue. joining me now, lou dobbs the syndicated radio talk show host. the president says a couple days before 9/11 says he's going back to the pentagon.
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president bush went to the pentagon, president obama went to the pentagon last year. people were anticipating wondering if he would show up at ground zero given his comments about that mosque. >> reporter: the white house has made it very clear, abundantly clear that they were concerned whether the president would be confronted by protesters, demonstrators over his support of the mosque that would be built near ground zero if indeed they prevail, that is the proponents of that mosque. this is to me further representation of the sad, isolated state that this president has put himself in. because all of these problems that he's generated are of his own making. they are so-called unforced errors. the statements on the mosque, getting into the politicization of the justice department in arizona. the man is isolating himself at a time when he and his party
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desperately need the president to be broadening his appeal and representation of the american people. he seems to, megyn not understand that group and identity politics may be appropriate in some corners of the democratic party but it can't be at the forefront of what this party is doing sore it will disstroeu -- destroeu itself. megyn: it would be a news story if president obama came to ground zero, that is probably not a visual that they want. >> reporter: it's not unusual for presidents to make unpopular policies, if that man decided he would put himself in a bunker somewhere he would not have emerged, president bush. this president is headed to that bunker, the one president bush avoided despite his lack of problem hrart. megyn: the white house hasn't released the reasons why, he could be going to the pentagon because he wants to make a statement about the military.
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we don't know the reason, obviously we are speculating right now. it plays into a narrative that has emerged about the white house potentially being thin skinned and not wanting to hear certain criticisms or place themselves in certain lights, and it came out yesterday a little bit when president obama spoke to unions in wisconsin and was talking about how he's been treated by his critics and said this. >> our middle class doesn't just survive this crisis, i want it to drive -- thrive, i want it to be stronger than it was before. over the last two years that's meant taking onto powerful interests, some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in washington for a very longtime, and they are not always happy with me. they talk about me like a dog. [applause] >> that's not in my prepared remarks. megyn: it's not in my prepared
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remarks. that was not on the prompter. >> reporter: what happened to the tell louisiana prompter. megyn: he went off script there apparently. some critics use awful have it tree ol when -- vitrol when speaking of the president of the united states. >> reporter: he was supposed to be the great savior who has been more polar rising than any in recent memory. it starts with, treating him like a dog, poor him. we've moved from harry true man with the buck stops here to barack obama with poor me. i mean, what is next? is he going to be sucking on his thumb in a dark corner somewhere? this is time for a president to stand up. megyn: it's interesting because i thought maybe, maybe the president didn't really need to go there with that comment, maybe he was sort of teague it up, like i can take i it i'm fine. listen to robert gibbs, did he double down or did he, tell me.
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>> i have not talked to him about it. if you look at some of what is said about the president, and matched them up against the facts, on occasion dogs get a better representation. megyn: i mean, what should the white house be doing? there is no question they've got these critics, there is no question that lies are told about the president in this white house just like presidents in every white house, but what are they supposed to do say, we don't care we can take it or let it lie, let it be out there and people believe some of it? >> reporter: megyn when you talk about the lies that are told that happens in any political arena at any time as you well know. but the lies aren't what are hurting this president. what is hurting this president is the truth. and it is -- it's critically important to this administration, this white house, i believe, for this president to quit whining and start leading all of the people, not just groups, not just certain identities but all of
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the american people. this political death-bed conversion to free interest price -- enterprise with less than two months to the election, this is the president who said he would be transparent, his politics are so transparent now it's embarrassing because they are born of desperation. this newly discovered affection for free enterprise by this president, where has he been for the previous 17 months of his administration. megyn: we'll have a fair & balanced debate from both sides on that at the bottom of the hour, we'll have counterpart to mr. dobbs in our next hour. >> reporter: counts part, there is no such thing. megyn: it's always a pleasure. thank you for your insights we appreciate it. new developments on the increasingly angry reaction from the pentagon and our allies due to a koran burning event. they are worried about the lives of u.s. soldiers if this thing goes forward. a campaign trail classic, remember this? >> i'm trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a
1:20 pm
dining room table, i have no interest in doing it. megyn: remember that? we will look out for barney frank, because the dining room table now wants your job. trace gallagher has this unbelievable story. remember this woman, remember this woman. just ahead. >> my question to you is why do you want to support a natzi policy as obama has expressly supported this policy, why are you supporting it? >> let me -- i will -- >> a real solution. @=h
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megyn: chaos is unfolding in two of europe's largest citiesment this was the scene earlier in paris, look at this, union workers upset over plans to
1:24 pm
raise the retirement age. wait until you hear what they are raising it to. walking off the job. pair hraoeuzing service on the subways, the planes, buses and air planes. demonstrators are leaving the streets right now but the evening commute is a nightmare. they are none too happy about the as territory concerns that they are now addressing in -- austerity concerns that they are addressing in paris. we'll bring greg palkot back, this is worth hearing. we'll bring him to you momentarily. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan weighing in on a florida church's plan to mark nine years since 9/11 by burning korans. general david petreaus saying the images of such a desecration would be used by extremists to incite violence and could endanger troops worldwide. hermine dumps heavy rain as it
1:25 pm
moves over texas. the storm leaving as many as 35,000 people without power. and john lennon's killer, mark david chapman, up for parole this week. it will be his 6th try at freedom after near here 30 years in prison. a man who knew john lennon well, geraldo rivera will join me later live in this broadcast. moments ago the washington press core senting a sharp challenge to the white house. they asked why the president pitched billions in new spending when he knew it likely has no hopes of passing. we will have a fair & balanced debate on what the answer to that really is straight ahead. oh, new phillips' colon health probiotic plus fiber.
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call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. megyn: a classic shaping up on the campaign trail today. during last year's healthcare debate congressman barney frank had an ugly showdown with a con state unit at a town hall meeting saying she had the intellect of a dining room table. fast forward one year later the dining room table is making a play for his job. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with this one. hey, tg. >> reporter: hey megyn this was an ugly showdown by the way. barney frank didn't have any idea what he stirred up. he thought rachel brown would fade into the sunset, not to happen. i want to play you this back and forth that was a youtube sensation and started it all. watch. >> my question to you is why do you continue to support a natzi
1:30 pm
policy as obama has expressly supported this policy, why are you supporting it. >> you stand there with a picture of the president shall a face to look like hitler and compare the effort to increase healthcare to the natzis, my answer to you is, as i said before, it is a tribute to the first amendment that this kind of vial, contemptible nonsense is so freely prop you will gated -- propulgated. ma'am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table, i have no interest in doing it. >> reporter: that dining room table comment got rachel brown inspired to run. the pollsters say they think frank is such a lock they haven't even done polls here. it's an interesting story. she is 29 years old. she believes that president
1:31 pm
obama should be impeached. she believes the government should stop giving bail outs and she wants to colon nicize mars. she said barney frank got into this mess in the first place by giving fanny mae and freddie mac loans to people couldn't afford him. frank is the chairman much the services committee. he's running now for his 15th term in congress. here is his quote after all of this. i'm quoting here, i regard her as the price you pay for freedom of speech. i don't think she's very rational. the primary by the way is september 14th, megyn, and if he wins that, which he is expected to he'll face a republican come election day. megyn: i guess you could either vote for her or vote in like a write in, the table. >> reporter: the table vote, table candidate. when you talk about take a measure that's what you mean. megyn: didn't see that one
1:32 pm
coming when we watched that exchange last year. thank you. >> reporter: yeah. megyn: the white house unveiling a new round of stimulus proposals this week after saying they weren't going to unveil another stimulus including a big small business tax cut. republicans are calling this a political show saying there is no way these bills can be passed by november and are instead a political stunt. fox news contributor leslie marshall is a syndicated radio talk show host, and lars hrars son is also a syndicated radio host. it's amazing that people are accusing both sides of playing politics in advance of election. leslie you've defended the obama administration on stimulus in the pass. is it possible with p u.n. dits saying there is no way it will pass, is this a political stunt. >> blue dog democrats are not going to pass for this. they need to do anything that
1:33 pm
puts the economy be at a standstill or makes the democrats look bad in the economic times. left or right it should not be about november, it should be about the people, the economy and jobs. unfortunately that's not happening and this is nothing new, it's sad that we don't learn from history. megyn: she's she have a point? does it even you're to the president's benefit to have this passed and start helping the economy? >> the fact is the republicans want the economy to do well, and you know that megyn. the fact is is that the stimulus did not stimulate a year ago and this thing isn't going to stimulate now. it's going to allow a lot of states who have spent too much money to become and fill some of their budgets. we should call it no union member left behind, because an awful lot of the money goes to union jobs. the president is trying to use our own tax dollars to buy this he election on a promise as you pointed out can't be passed by the congress any way, and the fact is the democrats have the
1:34 pm
votes, leslie is right the blue dogs are smart, they won't vote for it. that suggests it's a bad policy. the president says he gets treated like a dog, in the case of this stimulus that dog don't hunt. megyn: the press secretary robert gibbs was asked about this as a possible political stunt earlier today at the white house press briefing. let's take a listen to that exchange. >> you said a little while ago that we know what season we've entered in washing tops, i assume you meant the political season when not much gets done on capitol hill. why then does the president wait until now to introduce the tax cuts proposals for businesses that the republicans have been calling for not just months for years. >> we ought to get this done pretty quickly. megyn: he didn't answer the question, leslie. why now when the economy has been really hurting since he took office 18 months ago, why now just eight weeks before the midterms does he come out with this proposal. >> i'm glad you mentioned 18
1:35 pm
months ago, because that is true. from the second he walked in the economy was already bad. he inherited it. when it takes you the better part of a decade to get to this point it's not going to turn around in 18 months. the reason noise this is the american people are crying out, we need jobs, the stimulus isn't working they are saying and it is at a very slow pace, slower than what the government wanted, slower than what economists want, slower than what america wants and america is very inch patient. there is an election in november, they say mr. president what are you going to do about this, what are you going to do because you're going to let the bush tax cuts expire. this is the response and it happens to be now, and it happens to be a couple of months before an election. megyn: lars does that explain the timing? >> reporter: no it doesn't. the economy began to go south the minute the democrats took control of congress. let's take one all the way back to 07, that's when the economy went south. the president came into office saying i have the answers.
1:36 pm
give me eight tenths of a trillion dollars, and it didn't happen. having made that promise he goes into the fall election, he's going to lose big in the promise because he made promises he couldn't fulfill. the idea that it hasn't worked for 18 months we all know that, the president doesn't seem to understand that his stimulus policies don't work and he needs to try something different instead of just under the 350 billion worth of new stimulus. megyn: this is part of the feedback that the gop gave in response to the president's unveiling of this plan, this is from john boehner who is the republican leader in the house. if we've learned anything from the past 18 months it's that we can't spend our way to prosperity. we don't need more government stimulus spending we need to end washington democrat's out of control spending spree stop their tax cuts, which is hamburg small businesses. basically it's the party line from the gop that this is basically just more spending in a year where we've already had enough spending, record deficits
1:37 pm
and record debts and they've gone up enormously under president obama and they've accused him of basically bankrupting our children and grandchildren in this case just to win an election. >> owe boy i'm not going to have enough time for all of this, one give the guy the four years, two, if george bush wasn't responsible for the economy being bad obama can't be responsible for making it good. we all know, this is not about left or right, this is about a culmination of many things, wall street, historically economies go up and down, presidents either side of the aisle, congress either side of the aisle. the american people and our spending habits. in addition when we talk about john boehner and other republicans i really find it double-talk to vote for spending in a bail out, and then when there is stimulus, oh, that is not good spending, but hey bailing out wall street that was okay because they write checks to help our political campaign. megyn: quickly lars i've got to run. >> okay, thank you very much.
1:38 pm
megyn: no no i'm going to let you go, keep it quick. >> great. there aren't enough words to explain how badly this president has botched it. the fact is redistribution of people's wealth might work but the fact is that spending the people's money on what the government thinks is smart is not going to rescue this economy. megyn: good, nice and pithy and a good panel debate back and forth. we appreciate you both being here. for more complete political coverage you can head to and type in slash politics after that for all in-depth analysis from political blogs. new information coming in on the plans of a florida pastor to burn the koran. this is how the average afghan citizen was reacting to that news yesterday. guess what, guess what the u.s. military now has to worry about. we'll hear from the pentagon just ahead. she was a top news anchor until she was arrested for cocaine possession.
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megyn: a los angeles school district naming a new academy after the environmental activist al gore. critics are saying the school was a health hazard. it was built on what pwhaus originally a -- was originally a tax i can site. crews have worked hard to cleanup the area before the opening next week. officials claim the site is now safe. new polling just in on the day that many considered the official start of the midterm election season. the news is not pretty for president obama.
1:43 pm
according to the latest rasmussen reports daily tracking poll, 45% say they strongly disapprove of the job president obama is doing, compared to 27% who say they strongly approve. that is a new low for the president. joining us now scott rasmussen himself of rasmussen you track not just the general approval but how strong the sentiment is. what do the numbers tell us. >> reporter: they tell us about the intense a tee. it gives good indication of why we are seeing more enthusiasm about voting this year. 76% of republicans strongly disapprove of this president's performance. they want to get out and vote. just half of the democrats strong whraoe approve. 19% of those unaffiliated voters, independents say they strongly approve of the president.
1:44 pm
when you have those passions you'll go out and talk to your family and friends about it and you'll go out and vote. megyn: does that trickle down to a midterm election -frpblt it certainly does. we see it in the generic ballot voting. megyn: let's talk about the generic ballot. you probably have interesting results there as well. >> reporter: democrats trailing right now by 12 points, 48% to 36%, this is the biggest advantage we have ever recorded for the gop in a generic ballot poll. it's a 19-point swing since president obama took office. the democrats were up by 7 points in january of 2009. this suggests if the election were held today the republicans would gain control of the house, somewhere around the 50-seat mark in turns of gains but still two months to go. we are not sure if all of the trends will hold. megyn: i found it interesting in your report, when you talk about the generic congressional ballot you say these results suggest a fundamental rejection of both political parties. how is it a rejection of the
1:45 pm
republicans. a lot of the democrats come out and say this is going to be an anti-incumbent year, not an anti-democrat year. >> reporter: what i made the comment about in 2006 and 2008 people were voting against the party in power, the republicans at that time. they weren't really voting for the democrats. right now we see them voting against the party in power the exact same thing. even among the republicans, 75% of republican voters say their congressional leaders are out of touch with the party's base, this is part of a longer running trend we have seen. people have been unhappy with both political parties for a couple of decades. if republicans believe that somehow the general public has switched their views in the last two years they are misreading thisee electric tore rat. megyn: one thing they apparently are not misreading is the public's distain for the new healthcare law. nancy pelosi promised the american public would like it if it got passed and time went on.
1:46 pm
your results so something very different, scott. >> reporter: what our results show is nothing has changed. we were polling on it weekly before the law was passed, polling on it weekly since. 56% of americans want to see that saw repealed. that is the same level of opposition we found a year ago at thanksgiving. also same patterns we talked about with the president's approval. democrats strongly support the bill don't want to see it repealed. republicans overwhelmingly want to see it repealed and so do unaffiliated voters. megyn: how closely tied are those two things. the distain for the law and the president's approval or disapproval ratings. >> reporter: very closely. the president's approval rate insurance began to slip a little bit during the stimulus flight, only among republicans. as soon as healthcare became the central focus the unaffiliated voters began to slip away from the president. megyn: you've had polls that show 23% of this country believes that the government has the consent of the governed.
1:47 pm
the vast majority of people believe that we have a rogue government that does what it wants and doesn't follow the will of the people. as a result of that maybe, scott, i don't know, you tell me, what is behind these numbers you have, these huge numbers on people who believe that congress should come to them and allow a referendum of sorts on issues like changing social security, or raising taxes, tell us what you found. >> reporter: again, this gets right back to the basic distrust. if we poll on a topic and we find majority support for something and then we say congress is considering doing it, support will be down 10 or 20 points lower, people just figure congress will do something wrong by a two to one margin people say no matter how bad something is congress can always make it worse. the idea is maybe if congress gets a draft together and submits it to the public, well then they would have a little more trust in the process because they'd be able to debate the legislation openly. 71% of americans say before they
1:48 pm
change social security they really ought to get voter approval. megyn: you found similar results saying 61% say congress should be required to get voter approval before raising taxes. a majority in all parties believe that, a majority in all parties supports that. >> reporter: this goes right back to -- the country was founded on the belief that you had to find a way to keep legislators accountable. in the federalist papers said they had to opl home and live under the laws created for the rest of us. they don't come home any more. maybe you have to submit something direct lee to the voters for approval to provide the accountability. megyn: that is fascinating. that says so much about people's faith in government these days. scott rasmussen we have faith in you, you accurate pollster you. >> reporter: thank you. megyn: he's been dead on in the past few elections, the presidential election. we have today found a rare look at a pivotal moment in history. color footage from world war
1:49 pm
ii just surfacing. we have a fascinating look at london following the blitz attack by the natzis, amazing pictures here next hour. new questions today about the financial dealings of this man, one of the main supporters of that mosque proposed at ground zero. a guy who has also donated in the past to a terrorist group. that story and the fallout are next right after this break, don't go away. >> can can i ask you a question, please?
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
megyn: new findings on the money trail behind the mosque and islamic cultural center set to be built near ground zero here in manhattan. charles leaf from our fox new york a sill yacht wnyw chasing
1:53 pm
down the controversial path of a very big donor. here is his reporting. >> can i ask you a quick question, please? >> reporter: mayor bloom burglary avoiding my questions after a fox 5 news investigation exposed ties between a terrorist organization and this man, one of the central figures behind the mosque just two blocks from the world trade center site. >> mr. mayor can i just get one question with you sir? >> reporter: tax tkoults obtained by fox 5 news shows the egyptian-born businessman contributed $6,000 to the holy land foundation in 1999. hlf was declared a terror group and shut down by the federal government in 2001. tpaoeufp of its executives convicted of funneling money to harass -- hamas. back to the mayor. a few minutes after being brushed off by mr. bloom
1:54 pm
burglary he huddled with his advisers and changed his mind about talking to us. >> fox 5 news has learned that one of the contributors to this contributed to a terrorist organization back in 1999. do you think this warrants further investigation. >> i think the constitution of the united states which we've had for an awful longtime can withstand anything and i don't think we should be in the business of investigating where religious organizations get their money. do you want them to go into your church, temple or mosque and ask where all the money comes from. this is plain and similar ael a first amendment issue. >> reporter: they say the group he sent money to hlf existed from its very beginning to harm and fund hamas, a terrorist organization dedicated to conducting violent jihad against israel. when it was shut down in 2001 the u.s. attorney general did say not everyone donating knew where the money was going. organizations that study terrorist groups disagree. >> you gave money in 1999 you
1:55 pm
had some inkling that hlf was giving money to hamas and therefore terrorist organizations. >> reporter: fox 5 has learned that he not only made significant investment to the mosque and contributed to a terrorist group he also made a $500 campaign contribution to kristen killibrand. >> i wonder if you'll return the money that he contributed being that he contributed to a terrorist organization. >> i'll look into it. >> today is a pa rid and we don't allow those type of questions. megyn: that was charles leaf reporting from our fox a million yacht here in new york city. big concerns from our top general in afghanistan about the safety of our troops and it all stems from a florida pastor's decision to burn the koran on 9/11. this is the scene in kabul yesterday in response to this news. when we come back we'll have the
1:56 pm
latest today from the church at the center of it all. and for 40 years he has brought us some of tv's most memorable moments, that is not overstating the case by any means. now we turn back time, geraldo's hits and misses. [singing] >> won't find out until we grow. >> well i don't know if that' tl that's true, because you got me and baby i've got you. babe. i've got you babe. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler.
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omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for $11 at megyn: fox news alert new reaction coming in from the
2:00 pm
white house on a plan for a koran burning on 9/11. scenes like this one playing out throughout the muslim world. muslims furious over one man's freedom of expression near the united states. terry jones, a self-proclaimed pastor, stoking flames of hate, dead set oner to muching a pile of korans on 9/11. general david petraeus says it will likely put american lives at risk on the battlefield, even more than it is now. >> we know that activity is being transmitted back to places like afghanistan where general petraeus is our commander. it puts our troops in harm's way and any type of activity like that would be -- that puts our troops in harm's way would be a
2:01 pm
concern to this administration. >> reporter: are there any thoughts to reach out to the pastor of the church? >> i have not heard of any. megyn: trace gallagher has more from our newsroom. >> reporter: i'm not sure it's fair to call his a church it's called dove world outreach. their early meetings were in a holiday inn. they were hoping to have thousands of members. there are 50 members. they protest gay politicians. they spend a lot of time protesting islam. they say islam is of the devil. they plan to burn several copies of the koran. that leader terry jones says he has it islam because islam is hateful. listen. >> we have to return to our roots. america has always been a
2:02 pm
country of courage, of fighting for freedom around the world, and that this is the time to stand up and say to radical islam that we will not bow to their threats and to their fears. >> reporter: take a look at some of the fallout around the world. these are scenes from kabul. 500 residents protesting the group's plan to burn the koran. burning american flags. chanting antiamerican slogans. we are expected to see more protests like these in afghanistan. general david petraeus says by burning the koran it will endanger our troops. he says it is the kind of action the taliban uses
2:03 pm
a lot of resistance against this koran burning. the new black panther party has come out against this. the u.s. embassy in kabul has issued a statement against this. we called dr. jones. they have every intent to go forward with burning these korans on saturday. megyn: we are getting startling reports that iran may be paying the taliban to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan. at least five iranian companies are using their offices here kabul to finance taliban militants. iran paying the taliban to kill americans. handing out cash bonuses of up $6,000 for killing u.s. soldiers and for destroying military vehicles. but there is some encouraging news from the battlefield of afghanistan.
2:04 pm
according to a new report roadside bomb fatalities are way down. 30% down since january 2009. thanks to the introduction of mine resistant vehicles. the military is replacing standard issue humvees with the new armored vehicles at a cost of $40 billion. in iraq the u.s. combat mission is officially over. but violence in iraq seems to be heetle up. sunday there was a deadly bombing in baghdad. this is reports from the ground saying that combat brigades have simply been renamed. not dissolved. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. when did the president again promising all combat troops will be out of iraq by now. paul combat troops? >> he campaigned on that. then one month after take over as president he gave a
2:05 pm
high-profile speech at camp lejeune in north carolina, then he reiterated last week from the oval office that essentially this was his mission accomplished speech, that all combat brigades were out of iraq. here ways said then and now. >> let me say this as plainly as i can. by august 31, 2010, our combat mission in iraq will end. tonight i'm announce our combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. the iraqis have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> reporter: but we have seen u.s. troops get sucked into battle including this weekend. two u.s. soldiers had to fire their weapons? downtown baghdad. we just heard reports from northern iraq that two u.s. soldiers were killed in northern iraq today.
2:06 pm
just in the last days alone those assist -- advic advise and assist are carrying weapons. megyn: is this an exercise? in semantics? we are just talking about how we have got mid-term elections coming up. we have promised by then candidate obama that he would end the war in iraq. now it's renaming of the brigades. >> reporter: it's a bit arbitrary when you look at fact there are 50,000 troops left on the ground and they renamed them. just weeks later u.s. troops are still over there fighting. in fact our baghdad correspondent interviewed one of them in northern iraq. here what is he said a little while ago. >> our entire mission through
2:07 pm
the i.p.s is to help them conduct their operations including combat. >> reporter: he said they trained for a year as a combat brigade, not advise and assist brigade. megyn: the 2010 governor's race is heating up in ohio. we have been watching the governor's races, too. they are important to balance of power. ohio is a key state in any election year. the latest poll average shows former republican ohio congressman john kasich holding a 10% lead over ted strickland. this race is from far from locked up for kasich. carl cameron is in cambridge, ohio. >> reporter: the buckeye state is a notorious battleground and
2:08 pm
swing state that reflected the direction of the country. economically, demographically with politically, gee governorrically, it's ground zero for where the battles end up. in this gubernatorial race ted strickland a one-form democratic incumbent is facing a challenge about john kasich. ted strickland is facing an $8 billion budget short fall in ohio's two-year budge it process. he's arguing any change to republicanism would drive the state over the cliff. he's arguing that john kasich is a captive of wall street and republicans have been a captive of the tea party fringe. listen to this. >> i think this economy is hurtful to me.
2:09 pm
obviously. i would -- i would be huguely unrealistic to say i'm not a recipient of a lot of concern regarding the economy. i am. the message that i'm trying to give to the people. our state is that i have worked every day that been in this office to responsibly try to lay a strong foundation for future growth. >> reporter: that sleeves john kasich still on offense because of the nature of the jobless rate here. and 600,000-plus people who are unable to find work. kasich says this race is not just about ohio, it has national implications even for the presidency two years from now. >> one thing i would agree with strickland on web said whoever wins the governor's office as a leg up for the white house in
2:10 pm
2012. i think it's important that we are going to change the leader of our country come 2. >> 12. >> reporter: political analysts in both parties make the argument that whoever owns the ohio governor's office could get between 1% to 3 percentage points in presidential politics. there are 37 governor seats open. 19 held by democrats, 18 held by republicans. of those held by democrats, 2/3 are tossups or the democrats are trailing in the polls. megyn: folks you can count down to the november mid-term all online. go to our web site for all the latest gear you need to know leading up to the pivotal elections.
2:11 pm
up next, a $2 million effort to -- you might have seen it 100 times, but you have never seen it like this. revisiting history in color from world war ii after the break. plus he has interviewed everybody who's anybody. he has been to the battlefield everywhere and back an made more cameos than most actors have made movies. geraldo rivera, the true hollywood story 40 years to the day in an amazing career in journalism. >> i don't want kim. >> now she is not good enough for you. okay. to the pain. to the pain.
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megyn: fox news alert. the state department just weighing in on the story we told you about at top of the hour. p.j. crowley talked about plans of this florida pastor to burn the koran on 9/11. he called it un-american, inflammatory, and saying it puts u.s. troops and interests around the world at risk. pass the overhaul of healthcare and then you will see how it is. that's what house speaker nancy pelosi have said. apparently not enough people have seen the light. so now democrats are starting to shine a light in your face. a new design to show the benefits of healthcare reform while knocking down what democrats consider to be misinformation. thanks so much for being here.
2:16 pm
we saw a couple stories in the news about how democrats are not talking about healthcare on the campaign trail and have been advised not to talk about it. if you talk about it, don't try to tell the people it will save costs and improve care. they don't believe that. this democratic held information center is going to talk about and promote healthcare. >> i think a lot of the bought lines in this election will be over which party can help do the best to help the struggling middle class. it would be smart for the democrats to sell the healthcare plan they already implemented better than they have. if you are under 19 and you are a child in a new healthcare care, preexisting conditions will never be held against you ever again. if you are under 26 and don't have healthcare insurance you will be able to get on your parent's plan.
2:17 pm
if you are a sick family your coverage won't be dropped in the middle of an i willness. if you can take thing like that and sell it to the american people they can put themselves on the side of struggling people trying to get ahead. megyn: you are saying it needs to be sold better. it echos a theme we have heard a lot from democrats and recently from kathleen sebelius with regards to the polling on healthcare. there is a misunderstanding. they believe in misinformation. it's sort of belittling to people who say i understand fine. i knew that the 19-year-olds and the 26-year-olds would get better coverage, but i have issues with the debt and the deficit and the spending and whatever their argument is. why does it have to be they don't get it and need to be better educated on it? >> i think it's like any big change. change is hard. there has been a tremendous
2:18 pm
amount of confusion about what actually ended up in the healthcare debate. there were things that happened late that hadn't been discussed. what we know today is the american people aren't happy with the current healthcare bill. and there is confusion about what's tonight. it's reasonable for a political party to spend more time and energy explaining they did and why they deserve votes based on the good things they have done. megyn: to what extent will that matter? let's say the healthcare law is fantastic and it has been misunderstood. to what extent do you think -- we just had scott rasmussen on and he talked about how it directly correlates to the disdain for this law. they don't like the way the bill went through, the back room deals, the promises that were made, the ramming it through in the senate without the 60 votes.
2:19 pm
that -- the disdain of the people thinking those lawmakers are going to do whatever they want to do no matter how strong arm across particulars they have to use. how do you fix that? >> i think the way that will get fixed is by the experience people have with how their healthcare has changed in the years to come. if what happens the democrats promised happens, tens of millions more people will be covered and the deficit will be reduced and healthcare will be better the democrats will be fine. if those things don't happen, the discontent over the current legislation will continue. but the democrats are banking on this reducing the deficit. over time the per sechtion this legislation would get better about it american people. it's not where thing are today. that's why the democrats are putting together this extra effort to create clarity.
2:20 pm
megyn: you used to advise president clinton. this is a democrat-led group, about it's not lawmakers who have been steering clear much healthcare in large part. they are not mentioning it or not touting it. if you have a candidate who is a blue dog democrat. what do you tell him or her to do on the campaign trail over the next eight weeks? >> they have some wind economic debate, the second thing is if they voted for the healthcare bill, you have got to defend what you did. you have got to fight for the things you passed and believe in and not run away from things you have done. politicians get punished, even if voters don't like what you have done, they worry about cowardice. if you voted for this thing, stand and fight. if it's unpopular they are in a stronger position to ignore it
2:21 pm
or attack it. man up to your vote. i think there is a lot to work with here. certainly after september 23 the democrats will have much more to work with than they did before. megyn: thank you so much. we appreciate your input on it. she got a bad rap for something she aparently didn't do, so she says. about it was too late to save this news anchor's reputation. now there is a lawsuit. flashback to 1970. richard nixon was president. vietnam was in flames and a young man with a massive mustache made his big debut on the small screen. we have had 40 years of journalism classics ever since. today geraldo joins us to mark the big 40. >> i think you are an evil person. >> i'm awful.
2:22 pm
i'm terrible. >> you are a murdering dog. >> i'm a mass murdering dog. i'm a fiend.
2:23 pm
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2:25 pm
megyn: the obama administration claims increased security along the mexican border is work and they have the numbers to prove it. others say not so much. in one remote corner of southeast arizona we got a look for you at what we found. william lajeunesse is live in los angeles. are the administration claims that the border is secure in that area accurate? >> reporter: the report shows the number of illegals living in the united states declining from 12 million to 11 million.
2:26 pm
but it says this finding is not conclusive because of the margin of error in the estimates. secondly they point to border apprehensions going down the past two years. but that doesn't tell us the number we need, which is how many people are not being caught. is the ratio changing of those being caught? what we do know is the cities where the congressmen visit like san diego or douglas, you see more enforcement. now take a look at this. this remote part of arizona, no congressmen coming here. i spent two hours there last week and saw two border agents. locals call it a freeway. illegals arriving by taxi and crossing over the border. >> there is big open doors out in the country and freeways of traffic for drugs and illegal
2:27 pm
aliens, for whatever wants to come in. >> reporter: a border agent may see footprints and track one or two people. but with the dozens coming in over those mountains, impossible. megyn: you have got one remote area that don't appear to be shored up. but does the borderer in general seem to pave the way for immigration reform? >> reporter: many experts say the decline we are seeing has more to do with the economy. they say we have a window of opportunity here, the numbers are declining, therefore we feel we can push through comprehensive immigration reform. but as we talk to expert, they say it is more to do with the economy and that a reforms bill right now would be premature.
2:28 pm
>> from the studies we have done and the sphuddies we looked at i would say the u.s. economy is a major tacker to in the decreases we have seen lately. >> reporter: the bottom line is is the border more secure? we don't have a metric to make a judgment on comprehensive reform. megyn: a grim moment in world history caught on film. today we'll show you a powerful winston churchill moment during england's darkest hour. we have seen this geraldo more times than al capone's vault. the man, the ledgened. geraldo like you have never seen him before. >> today you will hear both sides in the debate whether it's all sex, orgy and child abuse or
2:29 pm
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2:32 pm
megyn: he's reported and eight presidents, at least four wars and he's the only person to appear on the covers of
2:33 pm
"newsweek" and "playgirl." 40 years to the day since the day with the mustache made his network television debut, geraldo rivera has seen it all. >> mr. rivera, come in. >> please call me fernando. >> do you know what you look like with no clothes on? >> we are on the seawall. i want to show you something, martha -- whoa! there is a person in the water there. >> there are so many babies here.
2:34 pm
it's not a question different many a question reality. megyn: here he is. man of the hour. geraldo rivera. >> thank you for your gracious introduction. megyn: 40 years today. i can't believe how much you have done. i defy anybody to point to another newsman who has done half as much as you have. in looking back and all these amazing things, when you chronicle them. what was the number one craziest thing you participated in? >> hang out with the fringes of society as i often did to get material for my talk show. in the days before transgender and all that became politically correct, just being there, being on the fringes. megyn: being nude -- >> being nude was probably most
2:35 pm
mainstream. opening a vault in the basement of the rexing on hotel in chicago and finding nothing but two old empty girks n bottles and a stop sign. then getting drunk in the catfish barrack the street. megyn: that wasn't a good moment. >> it wasn't a good moment. but i was unemployable at the time. that led to 22 offers and the money tree growing in my backyard and my independence. megyn: wesson asked you what was the mistake -- >> in my autobiography in 1990 i named names. it helped stereotype me as a trash talker.
2:36 pm
i had my flamboyant moments. i feel bad about that. the book was called exposing myself, but in exposing my civil was exposing my partners. that was unnecessary. megyn: i knew about the chair throwing incident on your talk show. i knew about the line in the sand. i did not snow jerry garcia of the grateful dead drugged you on lsd. >> i did a profile on the grateful dead. hanging out with them. i was feeling kind of woozy. and i come to find out when garcia writes his own aught biography that the drink they gave me was dosed with lsd. that was pretty funny. i would like to be remembered for what i did for the soldiers
2:37 pm
and fighting mother nature. megyn: when you drew a line in the sand, they say you may have compromised troop safety. you point not you your piece you did far less than other news shows and you have a beautiful testimonial from general david petraeus. that's the entire map of iraq and kuwait. it was preposterous. the fact that keith oberman and the people at msnbc made that the lead story for a week during the war, it was geraldo drew a line in the sand. it was so inflated and exaggerated. and so bogus in so many ways. my relationship with the military over the years before and since then is a testament to that. megyn: i have walked in the
2:38 pm
streets and airports with geraldo, love him. i want to get to your career highlights. is this bad, the nose breaking? this is infamous. how many people don't remember when geraldo's nose got broken on live television. >> we saved the chair. the checked shirt on the right-hand side. but it was the chair that broke my nose, not him. that's how it got on the news. the good thing about that aside from the fact sit generated a lot of attention. the good thing is it shows you can't be intimidated by these kkk kne nerks o-nazi punks. you have to have a courage. megyn: what are the moments you
2:39 pm
are the most proud of view rsh the work with the developmentally disabled. we used to call them mentally retarded. it's hard to believe 40 years ago only a few miles from here in the burr on you of staten island was one of the largest institutions for the mentally retard. the care and treatment being give up to young sisters who were development alley disabled was the worst kind of warehousing. as a young reporter i got the tip, i got the key. i busted that place and took the outrage. went to john lennon, ohi yoko o. i went a step further not just the expose', but suggest a solution that was practical. megyn: you went to a school with
2:40 pm
children who were struggling and you offered to pay for their college. >> 11 of them made it. megyn: you are a gentleman and everybody here thinks the world of you. congrats. geraldo rivera. just like cher. who else goes by first name only. who knew. coming up, maybe this man. guess who? shepard. shep: geraldo, you are the king. lots coming up in studio b. we'll update you. i'll tell you something happening big tonight. our cameras have been at ground zee tree for 3 months and we have been documenting this rise from the ashes. tonight on the fox report we'll spend 12 full minutes showing you the people together
2:41 pm
rebuilding of grs * ground zeror families, their lives and trials and tribulations. megyn: we'll be watching that for sure. just ahead, folks, she was cleared of cocaine charges, but the cat was already out of the bag. this tv news anchor suing her own station for running a story about her arrest. why the judge said they didn't do anything wrong. go to our on the docket section on to read up on the case before we air it on "kelly's court." (announcer) energy security.
2:42 pm
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2:45 pm
great progression," is published today on his 40th anniversary of his start in the news business. good for him. in the meantime "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket a small-town talking head accused of looking in the wrong mirror. toni miles was arrested in a cocaine sting back? 2008. her own station ran the story on the web, dozen of news junkies weighed in and the powers that be let her go from her anchor job just a few days later. the problem is she was never indicted on the drug charges. a grand jury said there wasn't of any evidence. it turn out she claims she was in the wrong place at the wrong time when cops raided her boyfriend's home. she sued her station for libel
2:46 pm
and emotional distress. the judge just dismissed her case in part. let's ask our panel, mercedes colwin and joey jackson. the anchor gets caught in a cocaine bust it, not good business for the news station. >> the lawyer actually got a lie libel execute. you know the very faces of defamation claim is it's untrue. or it's been faced in a false light. nothing like that occurred. her station played by the rules. and people respond, people react. she was a figure head within that community. people are going to be angry and they are going to voice their anger and dissatisfaction. megyn: she was ticked off because she got fired.
2:47 pm
she was ticked off because they ran a story about it and they allowed the viewers to post comments. the judge said really none much that can form the basis of a lawsuit. joey, was he right? >> have a hear have a heart her. who needs to preserve a reputation in everyone does. particularly when around talking head at a station and you are in the public eye. at end of the day the judge certainly took a hard line on this and basically what he said is there is immunity. if you post thing whether they are true or not, there is no liability. megyn: she said you can go after the posters but you can't go after your news station for providing the forum for which they were posted. she says in her complain, fine. but back to the firing. she says i just had an arrest. it wasn't like she even get
2:48 pm
quitted. the grand juriy threw it out and said -- the grand jury threw it out saying there was no evidence. and she says there is another dude at my station with several drug arrested under his belt and they didn't fire him. >> oftentimes people perceive where there is smoke there is fire. anybody can be arrested. it's what happens after. were you prosecuted and held liable and convicted. >> anybody that gets arrested in any of the news outlets they are going to be able to sue. there has been to grand jury, but let's look at paris hilton. if you google paris hilton on this recent cocaine arrest. 50,000 hits. does that mean she is going to sue? megyn: daniel who was a male employee at wlox who she says
2:49 pm
has been arrested on several occasions including at least once for drug possession charges. she says this guy has been picked up from jail by a collector at wlos. he was off air, but she says she would have done an off air position. >> i think what they are going to say ultimately, there has to be a morality clause in the contract. >> even if you have a morality clause, at end of the day anyone can be arrested. the grand jury made the assessment she didn't do anything wrong. megyn: she was not indicted. she got another anchor job someplace else and her television career is going fine. she was accused by a police officer and the grantd jury said no-dice. >> the morality clause that a
2:50 pm
lot of folks have in the industry, basically it impugns the integrity of the network. i think it reason why they didn't rule in the network's favor is because there are be established. it's before you get all the facts out there. megyn: from what i can read it looks like the sex discrimination people -- >> at end of the day any of us could be falsely accused. a false allegation does not mean we are guilty. to hold her accountable isn't right. megyn: can't the viewers decide for themselves? if you have got a anchor on a drug charge it doesn't look good for the network. >> you are reporting on the news, you are the ambassador of the network, you should have a higher standard.
2:51 pm
megyn: i like that. this case as far as libel goes has no legs. it wasn't illegal. we'll be right back. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve.
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megyn: bred bare says the white house chief of staff once told him if daley did not run, rahm emanuel would throw his hat in the ring saying that's the join really want.
2:55 pm
that's the words bret says recall mesaysrecall he used. this film of the london blitz just discovered in an attic. the london blitz was the nazi bombardment of london that began in 1940. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: think of how rare color films were in 1940, especially home movies. the whiz parked of oz came out in 1940, it was in color and it what is a big thing. this came from the home of an air raid warden. he took this tim at start of that devastating german bombing campaign. it lasted for eight months. it began 70 years ago today.
2:56 pm
in the footage you can see a number of london landmarks being destroyed. even the famous john lewis' store on oxford. that's like saying macy's on 34th street was blown away. winston churchill walking around to some of those bombing sites. this was key stuff. releasing it today because it was 70 years ago today. amazing stuff. in the corner you can see geraldo's very first war reporting which we didn't get to either. that was winston churchill. it's amazing footage. megyn: this is a nice memory of geraldo from sandy. watching him crawl through the bushes day after day whispering his reports. he has don't many, many times. don't go away.
2:57 pm
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